Friday, October 20, 2023

Our vet drives a really nice car


As her old-dog-self, Charly’s infections last longer and worsen quickly.  One treatment regime required injections for two weeks at 6 am and 6 pm exactly.  In another instance, I made a chart to track the five different medicines and creams that she had to take.  Various types of blood, urine and other tests, as well as x-rays are becoming regular.  


“Charly has a very thick file!” a new veterinary assistant remarked in April.  What was the correct response to that?  “Yes, she’s our angel – only the best for her!”  Or, “Yes, I should have taken care of her better.”  I couldn’t really deny that she, and we, were well-known to the vet and his staff, and wondered if I had failed as a dog-mom to care for her properly.  Or was I too novice to know how to deal with trite matters by myself?  Or was I easily up-sold?  It’s likely all of the above in varying degrees.  Charly should likely have had her ears regularly cleaned at the vet’s – maybe she would not have gone deaf, or gone deaf as soon.  We shouldn’t have put her on cheap dog food after my daughter was born…when diapers, formula and childcare consumed our paychecks.  But, she was indeed the only member of our family to have her teeth regularly cleaned during the pandemic.  (Again, the vet reminded me of my shameful behaviour at letting her gums get puffy red).


Now, in Charly’s golden years, we’ve established a bank account for her, and feed it each paycheck so she always has medical funding readily available.  Just last week, we had a late night emergency involving a bout of vestibular syndrome.  Thankfully she pulled through.  In times of healthy stretches, Charly’s bank account splurges on pizza night for the family.  Most often, though, it eases our loving veterinarian into his golden years….  


Join next week for a three part comic strip created by my daughter about the “Edivator”!


  1. Thomas is 14.5 years and I am also on a first name basis with his veterinary staff. He has various issues as he has aged and I learn to look after each issue. Thomas has a very good dental tech that keeps his teeth in good shape. What makes the work worth it is when he picks up (when he can find it, losing eyesight) his favorite toy and shakes it and still loves to play.


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