Friday, February 2, 2024

My compass


 I think I’m not alone in having every minute of the day accounted for by some familial, employment, or dog-related task.  It’s hard to accomplish everything that “should” be done, and moreover, to the standard that I’d like.  Now, in the past couple years, “self-care” was added to the list…another box that I will fail to tick!

In my frenetic effort at times to get tasks done, I am stopped by my senior dog.  She cannot be rushed.  She moves at one of two paces – slowly, or very slowly.  She lays down for minutes in the grass to recuperate during walks.  She takes an inordinately long time to sniff the air.  Her small joys remain very important.  They are fewer, and I feel bad wanting to rush her through them, though I do sometimes…in order to get home, to get to the office, to make supper, to go to bed.


The tasks and the time constraints hinder my ability to be mindful.  But lately, I’ve noticed that Charly emulates mindfulness.  And, I’ve tried to adopt certain mindful moments during our morning walks.  She walks half a block, and lays in the grass usually facing the sunrise, the horizon, or the mountain view.  She just relaxes and breathes.  Her long snout points at what I should see – the lights before dawn; the rippling leaves; the starry sky; the beauty of being outside on Earth.  Her restful state exemplifies how to be in those moments – calm, at peace.  She is a compass…I just have to follow her.

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