Friday, January 26, 2024

A running dog forever

  Over the past couple years, I have thought about where to spread Charly’s ashes after she dies.  Now that we are in a house, the backyard presents as a viable option.  But what if we move?  I don’t know why, but I wouldn’t want her to be resting in a place where I could no longer visit.  At the moment, this matters to me.  So, I have kept thinking.

During the holiday break, our family went to a nearby track to run.  We brought Charly so that after my shorter distance I could take her for a walk.  There are stairs down to the track, so instead, Charly and I took a grassy woodsy path overlooking the runners.  My spouse and daughter continued to put some miles in.  Charly spotted them immediately – I didn’t realize her eyes were still that good!  Raised a runner, her heart told her to join in, but her body only allowed her to pace back and forth watching excitedly between two excellent vantage points.  With her tail wagging, she watched her family approach the near side, then when they were out of sight, she trekked about 50 metres up to the other spot to see them from afar.  She and I hurried back and forth between those two views at least eight or nine times.  It was the next best thing to running with her again – I didn’t realize how much I missed that!


One of the vantage points was underneath a large evergreen tree with grass and little daisies (the kind she likes to munch).  On the last lap, Charly laid down in the grass watching our runners stop and walk for a while.  And I knew that this spot is where she should be in any after life that she has…amongst the runners outdoors in a quiet place.  A place she helped me find.

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