Friday, January 12, 2024

Lumps and bumps – part one [Warning: Graphic description]


One morning many years ago, I went to deep-clean my daughter’s room while she was away at camp.  As I entered, I saw red smears on the walls…more in the hallway as I exited…and some sort of bloody hamburger-like substance in some smears and on the floor.  I called out to my spouse – was he injured?  No.  But Charly was.  A larger-than-we-thought cyst on her back between her shoulder blades had popped and the contents were still oozing.  At that time she was still napping under the bed, so it is possible a scrape precipitated the burst.

As Charly aged, she had developed lumps and bumps.  The vet tested samples from the first few.  All were negative for cancer or other disease.  They were fatty globules or cysts.  We had a large one removed early on.  But, they just kept developing over time to the point where now you can’t help but feel some when you pet Charly…some very tiny ones on the surface, others bigger and under the skin.  It would be almost impossible to remove them all, and now Charly recovers poorly and slowly from anaesthetic.


We took her to the vet for that burst cyst, and the remainder of it was removed as well as another prominent one on the side of her torso.  My daughter returned from camp to see Charly resembling Franken-dog…a large shaved square with black rough stitches on her side, and a smaller area on her upper back.  Charly recovered well and her fur grew back quickly.  This was the largest popped cyst we have experienced, but it wouldn’t be the last urgent surgery for aberrant growths.


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