Saturday, May 25, 2024

Silently in sync


 Although Charly is completely deaf, she and I communicate masterfully.  Am sure routines help us predict what each other wants or will do…having gauged each other’s expectations over the years.  I know she loves a good-morning-hug in “her” room / my closet.  know she needs a belly rub every single day.  know her tummy is rumbly in the morning…she will vocalize to hurry the serving of breakfast.  know she likes to have a biscuit a few seconds before I leave for work as a good-bye gesture.  She knows to have a post-breakfast-lie-down while my tea steeps before our walk.  She knows to wait inside the garage even if the door is open, until I have my runners tied.  She knows that she can ignore me for a few minutes to scout out packages with interesting contents before I am free from laces.  She knows to stay close enough for me to easily clip on her collar and my waist leash.  We move in unison – yes, partially because we are physically tied together!  But also because we’ve danced this dance so many times.  (Yes, both of us are well-trained). 

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