Friday, September 22, 2023

How I knew my dog was getting old – part one

“Getting old” really depends on the dog.  For Charly, the onset of age came when she developed “lumps” on  her back near her behind.  She had been slowing down…she was just not her energetic rambunctious self.  Of course, it had to be cancer – I knew it!  “It’s not cancer,” our vet said calmly.  Of course,  she was going to die within days!  “She’s not going to die anytime soon,” our vet said evenly, “It is arthritis in her hips and this area is swollen.”  With a daily dose of anti-inflammatory medication (now a monthly shot instead), Charly was back to her regular self.  But, running had to end.  Suddenly my runs were very lonely.  Walks were not to be as long.  She didn’t understand why – she wanted to go longer (so did I) but she shouldn’t.Her lifestyle…our lifestyle together…started to change.  Charly was starting to get old.  In dog years, she was apparently older than me.  This had never been the case before….

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