Saturday, May 4, 2024

Searching for the “golden ticket” – phrase from Raold Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

  It has been five and a half years since Charly ate four bricks of chocolate, and then multiple rounds of charcoal to expel the toxins from her system (see OldDogBlog “Brazen” on December 8, 2023).  And in those five and a half years, she continues her quest to conquer and consume any cacao prize.  She needs no promise of a chocolate factory tour…she cares not for fame or money.  She simply must eat chocolate.  She must. 

Our family orders most of our required non-perishable items.  They accumulate in the garage, and as Charly waits for me to tie my shoes or don my rain gear for our next walk, she sniffs, prods, choses, and then tears.  I’ve stopped wagging my finger in front of her dismissive eyes.  Her sheer delight at ripping into delivery packages that host various forms of cacao, force me to let her have those moments…albeit monitored moments.  Then, outer box or plastic strewn about, I snatch away the prize.  She stands among tattered three centimetre squared-ish pieces of the chocolate-housing-exterior, and stares at me with disdain.  She found and opened it after all.  As a dog led by her stomach’s yearnings, she will never stop searching for her “golden ticket”.

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