Friday, March 1, 2024

Wanted: Groomer for a senior dog (part one)

  As a running dog – mostly on mountain trails – Charly loved to splash in the muddy ditches.  She was never on leash for runs, and had free rein to go wild and get dirty.  From a young age, Charly started going to the groomer’s so her fur could be trimmed to avoid matting and facilitate cleaning after her fun.  Once running ended, she still went to the groomer’s for trims and deep cleans, especially in the hot months.  But, when she was about 11 years old, that changed.  She was asked not to return to the groomer’s.  Their policy prohibited them from washing and trimming a dog who cannot stand for the process.  I called around to find a groomer specifically for senior dogs, but did not find any options close by.  Reluctantly, I started trimming her myself.  

I am hesitant to share this next part – my stomach feels sick about it to this day.  Charly did not like the clippers, and I was far from adept at using them.  She would only participate for a short time, but would sit or lay contentedly if I used scissors.  During the last scissor trim, I was leaning over, a bit upside down, trying to cut the undercarriage area when I slipped or she moved, and the scissors sliced her leg.  She yelped.  There was blood and a cut that was deep.  I drove her to the vet right away.  To add to my anguish, the vet cleaned the area, then brought me back to explain the treatment…thus showing me the damage I’d inflicted on my furry family member.  It was horrifying – the slice required a handful of stitches under sedation.  Hours later, we picked up our groggy old dog who cries and whimpers every time she comes out of sedation.  I deserved the torture, and Charly didn’t deserve the trauma.

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