Thursday, March 7, 2024

Still wanted: Groomer for a senior dog (part two)

  As we left the vet’s office with Charly, the receptionist said that she’d reached out to a friend who would groom an old dog that could no longer stand.  Enter [centre stage] in our lives: “Laura”.  Laura wooed Charly with body rubs and ear scratches, then effortlessly scooped up her 23.7 kg mass and carried her to the grooming station.  Charly unabashedly folded into Laura’s loving arms and let her prop her up to complete the task in record time.  Charly was happy and she looked beautiful in a stylish fur cut.  And, I was exceedingly grateful enough to pay almost any sum of money and travel up to an hour for this to happen.   

Unfortunately for Charly, Laura moved on to pursue other dreams.  The grooming company allowed Charly to remain a client, but not for long.  No other groomer wanted or could handle having to adapt to Charly’s reduced mobility.  And Charly was not enjoying the new groomers – she was anxious.  Once again, the search for a senior dog groomer resumed…and continues.  I considered not trimming her, but she mats very easily and lays down at least for some of every walk.  The road grime is impossible to clean off her paws, especially when they’ve achieved their natural plump pillow-paw-state.


In the interim and with trepidation, I have assumed the job of dog groomer again.  But now I employ a comb between the scissors and Charly’s body for every snip so there’s almost no risk of injury.  Charly enjoys the combing and cuddling as we both become covered in fur for two hours…or she is just so glad to be rid of her thick winter coat!  Unlike Laura’s lovely fur coiffures, now Charly would likely be awarded “last in show” with her unevenly chopped exterior.  Neither of us cares.

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